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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Single diet - Many benefits.
You do your best to avoid cancer, but… could theses efforts increase the risk of another major killer? No: the happy news is that what is good against cancer is good also against cardiovascular diseases, against diabetes, against obesity, and so on.
This is an interesting question: why are most illnesses prevented by the same way of life? Why is the active person, eating small portions, with many plant-based meals, living a longer and happier life than the sedentary obese meat-eater? May be we are "built" for this way of life. May be the TV-addicted is a biological non-sense. May be it is normal to search actively our food, and to eat many small portions of low-calories vegetables or fruits. Who knows? Whatever the answer, it is striking that even the NSAID can prevent the same range of illnesses, as shown on the chemoprevention database .

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