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Monday, November 22, 2004

Delicious anticancer recipe Easy and fast to make. For men
Delicious anticancer recipe quick to make for males.
Why for males, for men? because it prevents prostate cancer!

Tomato sauce anti prostate cancer
U need:
1- A can of contrated tomato (tomato paste) (140 g) and THE can opener!
2- Olive oil (half a glass)
3- Microwave oven (for two minutes!)
4- Glass jar (emptied of jam or marmalade)

Open the can, put paste in the jar, add olive oil, mix with a fork, cook for 1 minute in the oven, (mix again, cook 1 min again) repeat once or twice until it boils.
Delicious on rice or noodles
Nice also as a spread on bread if you are in a hurry!

How could this delicious paste be anticancer?
Yes, red lycopen accumulates in men's prostate, and prevents micro-tumors development. Even, lycopen may kill cancer cells!

BUT if you drink a glass of tomato juice, or eat a tomato, lycopen will not be absorbed from the gut. It stays there, and go to the washroom!

BUT when tomatoes are cooked in oil, lycopen goes into the oil, which become "orange". Then when you eat it, the lycopen is absorbed, and goes into the blood, then into the prostate to make its good job.

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Hope you enjoy life! If you get healthy EASY and SIMPLE things to share with me, please do! Au revoir!

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